martedì 19 aprile 2011

"FLAWLESS" The Official Trailer

"FLAWLESS" The Official Trailer from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

How far would you go to execute the perfect plan?

How far would you go for love?

Ravi thought he had it all figured out. The night of his proposal to Rekha was set to be perfect. When suddenly things take a wild turn - in the most unexpected way at the most inopportune time. Finding the right words is one thing. Proving it with actions is something else entirely. A string of high profile jewelry store heists has kept authorities baffled. A break leads Police to a pair of suspects: two couples, two well-laid plans. For one, the biggest obstacle will come at the worst possible time.

Putting it all on screen posed an entirely new set of challenges. Although action and romance may appear to be an unlikely pairing, we've had many unique opportunities to explore the ways genre conventions and narrative fiction can enhance documentary storytelling and were excited to take a leap into the action genre with our latest film, "FLAWLESS." The all-DSLR, Canon 5D Mark II production spanned four nights in Los Angeles and included the use of a process trailer and Porsche Cayenne with Gemini crane furnished by Amazingly realistic picture vehicles were provided by Shooting a police chase on-location with world class stunt drivers under the supervision of stunt coordinator Gianni Biasetti was one of many highlights, as was staging a full-blown heist of the gorgeous in Fashion Island.

Pacific Pictures presents "FLAWLESS"
Starring Ravi Gandhi, Rekha Velisetty, Kavi Ladnier & Roger Narayan
Written & Directed by Kevin Shahinian
Produced by Kevin Shahinian & Snehal Patel
Director of Photography Kevin Shahinian
2nd Unit Director Snehal Patel
Gaffer Tom Myrdahl
Key Grip Jefferson Miller
Sound Recordist Christopher Wilson
Glidecam operator Alex Sax
Film Editor Kevin Shahinian
Stunt Coordinator Gianni Biasetti
Wardrobe Kristen Anthony
Makeup & Hair Kurumi Uchino

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II
Canon EOS L-series lenses
Additional equipment furnished by &

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