mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

Tiny London

Tiny London from Mario Muth on Vimeo.

So, how did Mario do this? Mario sent us this bit of instruction: each clip is shot using raw images. I use the small or the medium raw in case I need to crop in the picture profile was set to sharp and saturated the actual capture is done by holding down the shutter using a remote for 5 minutes (using burst mode) in terms of positioning, obviously anything that is looking into a scene works and def a sturdy tripod for post, I read everything into Adobe After Effects and in camera raw push up the saturation, the sharpness, clarity and in most cases fill light. In addition I tend to push the blues, reds and greens further. Finally, I add a little bit of lowlight saturation the clips are done at 12fps as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II only manages to capture 3fps in raw in burst mode in terms of size i go for 30% bigger so I can add a ken burns style finally masking the sharp areas and lens blur the rest. For the masks, I include all the items that should be sharp in the perspective. the actual movie was done in fcp 7 as I am most familiar with that. Adding a few ken burns effects and doing alignment with the music finally a vignette from magic bullet to underline the miniature look

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